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Massage & Body Detailing


Lady's Brow   $15
Lip   $10
Chin   $10
Nose   $7
Cheek   $12
Sideburn   $10
Neck   $7
Full Face   $45
Underarm   $20
Half Arm   $20
Full Arm   $25
Half Leg   $35
Full Leg   $50*
Bikini   $35
Brazilian   $60

*Price may vary upon product usage.


Massage services are fully customized based on the guests needs/goals. Everything from pressure to area of focus, to the music is based on the guests preference.

    1 Session   3 Sessions   6 Sessions
30 Minutes   $35   -   -
60 Minutes   $70   $180   $360
90 Minutes   $105   $285   $570
Hot Stone
(Seasonal, September - March)
  $85   -   -




All manicures come with a nail clean up, hand exfoliation, hand massage and polish.

Infinite Shines   $30
Gel   $37
Nail clean up, scrub, light foot massage and polish of your choice
Nail clean up, scrub, foot and leg massage, callus remover, foot mask with heated booties and steam towels.
Princess (children 10 and under)    
Light nail clean up, hand massage and polish
Light nail clean up, scrub, foot massage and polish
Princess manicure and pedicure and receive a small gift of mini nail polish and a nail file



Tint   $30
Lift   $80
Lift & Tint   $95
Classic Lash   $225
Volume Lash   $295
Classic Fill   $60
Volume Fill   $80


All services are customized based on needs. Using dermalogica skin care products by a Dermalogica expert.

Dermalogica Treatment
60 minute treatment for all skin types that will be uniquely customized  based on the guests individual skin needs
Anti-Aging Treatment
Are signs of aging becoming more prevalent on your skin? Revitalize it with our 60 minute power boosting treatment designed to help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energize!
MediBac Treatment
60 minute perfect treatment to jump start acne clearing while purifying and detoxifying while promoting breakout clearing well beyond your treatment!
Ultra Calming Treatment
60 minute super-soothing treatment that helps bring relief to guests who suffer from irritated, reactive and sensitized skin!